The rest of Utah...

We decided to make the most of our last minute trip to Utah and squeezed in as much fun as possible. Cosette had a birthday party on Saturday so she chose to stay with Grandma Taylor so she could attend. Jo was worried that she would start missing us but I assured her that the only thing we had to worry about was Cosie wanting to move in permanently. She enjoyed the quieter side of life as an "only child" for the weekend, while we traveled.

First stop Friday was Sara's  - traffic ended up putting us there later than we had hoped but we still got in a good spaghetti feed and s'mores in the backyard. Sara is one of my college roomies and it was good to catch up with her and her two little ones.

Saturday started early when I had to drive Blake to his race start at 4am. I went back to Sara's for a few hours and slept until it was time to drive to the finish around 9:30. 

After the race we went back to Sara's for lunch then packed up to meet Blake's brother Jake at Y mountain. Paisley and Fielding have wanted to hike all the way to the Y since last year when we only made it halfway up.

Jake and Melinda got a puppy, Bulma, and I think she was the most popular thing on that mountain (aside from the Y). She got lots of attention.

Especially from my crew.

And props to Blake for climbing a mountain (with a kid on his shoulders) a mere 3 hours after running the race of his lifetime.

Pretty sure, I was worse off then he was slinging Luna. She was front facing but kept getting too warm so I faced her out which made for a happier baby but a goofier pic. I promise she did like it.

But the most impressive was this guy. Fielding walked up and down by himself without one complaint. That is a tall order for a 4-year-old. Here he is rounding the last bend.

The crew sitting on the Y.

Fielding and Paisley wanted to walk up the whole thing. They got about 10 steps and said, "Ummm... this is high enough."

 After the Y, we did our tradition stop at the cremary for ice cream while Perry took a needed car nap... hence the random sign photo since I was sitting in the van with him. He had fallen asleep halfway down the mountain in Blake's arms.

After an ice cream boost, we stopped at the Bean museum on the BYU campus because you shouldn't go to Utah without stopping to see a liger.

Ahhh... good daddy.

After a quick bite to eat, we arrived at Great Grandma Nay's. We visited for a bit then crashed out early after the big day. Sunday we did church and coloring (my kids love Grandma's art set and it was the first thing Paisley pulled out when we got there).

And Perry latched on to this wheelbarrow - this boy is obsessed with all things wheels.

And I took advantage of the beautiful light in Grandma's front room.

Until Perry found us.

So I called in all the kids for a picture with Grandma.

Now I know where these two girls get their shining blue eyes from.

We headed down the road with a stop at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

The kids were really good and enjoyed taking in the sights.

 Perry was a bit hungry though and decided to eat the card the missionaries gave him.

The tour lady insisted we needed a family photo - we tried to say we were ok but she wouldn't listen. This was about what I expected - there was no way we were letting Perry loose on the roof of the conference center.

After that stop, we ended our trip at the Kaysville cousins.

The first thing Paisley asked when I told her we were going to Utah was, "Can I see Kate?" We were happy to see that happen and for them letting us crash their Sunday dinner - way better than any fast food we would have picked up in route.

We arrived home late late Sunday night. Monday we got our Cosie back and did what you do on Labor Day and labored...

It was a great holiday weekend with the family - 


Jana Weaver said...

Kate was beyond thrilled that Paisley came to visit! Thanks for making it work in your tight schedule.

Britt said...

Aww! looks like a lot of fun. I'm sorry we missed you guys!

AndersonGR8 said...

Great recap of a busy weekend. Nice to see you still know how to get the most out of the time available. Sounds like the kids were real troopers on this adventure. You have to love marathon weekends!

HowellAZ said...

Fun! You have the CUTEST kids!