Sick days...

Fielding woke up complaining of a stomach ache.

By 9am, he had puked all over my chest.
"Sorry Mom, I just had to do that."

By 9:20am, he burst into tears when I told him he wouldn't be attending preschool.
"But Mom, just tell the teacher I can't touch anyone. I will be fine."

By 9:25am, he accepted his fate.
"I am too sick to go to school, but I just want toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo."

By 10am, he was over watching the show I put on to cheer him up for not being able to attend school.
"I don't want to watch anything." (Instead I will just lie around rolling on the floor the entire day.)

By 11am, he seemed to be improving so I carted him to the store so we could buy him juice. He puked on the pavement the moment we arrived but still wanted to go in to get his juice.
"Can I just ride in the cart?" (What - whose kid is this? My kids don't ride in carts...)

By 12pm, he was back home with his juice and a few crackers.

By 12:15pm, the juice and crackers where all over the blanket that I had laid out just in case.
"I hate juice. It made me puke."

By 12:30pm, he resigned himself to having a sick day and gave up hope on improving enough to carry out his favorite task of checking for eggs.
"Mom, can you go check for eggs and tell me how many we got? I'm just too sick."

By 1pm, knowing that 4 eggs safely arrived, he was sound asleep on the couch. (His first nap in years.)

By 3pm, he was awake and back to rolling on the floor - we tried another show and he lasted about 10 minutes.

By 3:30pm, he was begging for something to eat. We tried more juice and out it came all over the table.
"I still hate juice."

By 4:15pm, the girls were home and provided a nice distraction by coddling him.
"You puked 4 times? I am so sorry!"

By 5pm, he started talking again.

By 6pm, he held down a few grapes.

By 7pm, he was begging for hole-in-the-eggs, juice, and more grapes.

By 8pm, he was sent off to bed with fingers crossed that this was the end of it.

Luckily it was.

At least for him... Blake was home today because of what seems to be a completely unrelated illness - a migraine that he just can't shake. Blake has had maybe 3 migraines over the course of our marriage and every time he does it scares me that he has some brain eating amoeba... they knock him pretty flat. I'm very impressed that no one else is showing signs of the stomach bug, usually those things spread like wildfire, especially to the one designated to clean up all the puke... mom.


Micah Taylor said...

boo, sickness stinks :( fun commentary though

HowellAZ said...

You seriously made the throwing up process so funny! Poor kid - he hates juice! Haha! I'm so glad it was over after one day. Having sick kiddos is the worst...I just feel so bad for them. So what's going on with the migraines?