Fielding started a little preschool up the road at a friend's house.

He looked so big and handsome with his backpack on.

Perry had to show off his "pack" as well.

Fielding is a fun kid... The teacher was telling me how quiet he is which made me laugh. I would call this boy quite a few things but quiet is not one of them. Lately he is still way into Duplos, coloring (only with markers), and riding his new bike.  He still requests to eat all the time but will now eat much healthier selections than when he was little. The most remarkable thing about Fielding is that he is very inquisitive. Here is a selection of our conversations over the past year:

*Do you think my hand can fit down the potty?

*Did we get our star (Christmas tree topper) in outer space?

*F: 25 is the biggest number. D: No I think it is Google F: No actually it is 25.

*What if our eyeballs were in backwards?

*What if I was a vacuum?

*Why did the builders put so many cows in here? (Refering to Grandma Taylor's kitchen that is decorated with cows.)

*Do you want to go into the swimming pool of spit in my mouth? (He was having a conversation with the fruit snack pack in his hand that I told him he could not eat until we got to exercise class.)

Fielding talks to me all day long - even at naptime when I let him watch a show he comes running out multiple times to give me a play-by-play. He has a large imagination and shows just add fuel to that because he swears everything that he is watching is real. He loves books still but is more picky in his selections and has told me multiple times that I am getting "too many tractor books from the library." (Those are for Perry.) After a year of working with him on letter recognition something finally clicked - I was starting to think it never would. He attempts to write his name now and almost has it down.

It has been fun to raise him. He is vastly different from his sisters and I have learned a lot about what it means to raise a boy. I know there is a push right now that gender is only something that we assign to people but from my experience as a mom of both sexes, all I can say is there is a difference. It is shown to me everyday from the way he talks, the way he plays, and the way he wants to pee outside any chance he can get.


AndersonGR8 said...

See - just more reasons to love this little guy! He and I need to spend more time together - I could learn a few things from him.

HowellAZ said...

He's adorbs. What a big kid he's getting to be.