Man teacher...

Paisley was worried at the start of school that for the year she had a "boy teacher." I was not. My experience has shown that male elementary school teachers are some of the best - guys don't sit through 4 years of elementary education classes on a whim. There is usually some passion for teaching there. And there is something about that strong male voice that just gets little kids to listen.

A few days before school, I saw his name on her class list and based on that made all kinds of judgments. Middle-aged, slightly overweight, and glasses. All these proved to be false when during Meet and Greet I walked into the class only to be faced with Rico Sauve. Tall, dark, and handsome. He is what 5th grade girl's heart doodles are made of.  That was really all I learned about him that night.

Last night was Back to School night. First, I attended Cosie's session where I was met by a ten-page teacher handbook outlining every last detail about the upcoming school year. Her teacher had a power-point presentation and answered every question any mom could ever have about their child's classroom: no gum, birthdays celebrated last Friday of the month, and please donate Lysol wipes. Next up was Paisley's. I walked into the room to be greeted by a 4 page handout on her desk. Page 1 was a single-spaced outline all about her teacher. Where he was born, how he grew up, educational background, his current interests including gardening and relaxing bike rides, etc. Page 2-4 were basically blank - each contained a header (math, reading, discipline, etc) but other than that blank. I was a little confused. Then he started into his presentation, where for a solid 10 minutes he showed us a power-point of himself. This is me hiking. This is me listening to a killer band that none of you have heard of.  This is me surfing with my niece/nephew. Aren't they cute? Wouldn't I be a great Dad? It was basically his Instragram account. Eventually, we moved onto the rest of the handout where I learned my kid would do math (not which kind), read (not what books), and if acts out of line gets their name on the board plus checks for multiple offences (but really very few kids act out in here because they are hypnotized by the sound of my low voice.) I didn't learn much of anything about the classroom except that his favorite subject is himself.

Now all of this may led you to expect that I think he is a lousy teacher. I don't. Paisley comes home beaming about her day. They practiced times tables - he made it a game. They have spelling lists - for once it is a challenge. They played soccer - he joined in. It just goes to show that all teachers have strengths and weaknesses. 

Parent communication that is his weakness. 

Self-confidence that is his strength.


Britt said...

My mother-in-law (who is an educator - formerly a school teacher but now she trains and observes new teachers) always says that male teachers really like themselves. Looking back at my male teachers, I think she's right. Haha!

HowellAZ said...

Rico Suave - bahaha! Better than Uncle Rico, I guess!