I'm getting too old to blog one handed...

Ummm... the baby's nursing. The two-year-old is throwing things. The preschooler is anxiously awaiting Tuesday for "school" to start. The 1st grader lost another tooth. The eight-year-old is "way into rollerblading". The hubby is busy.

There was so much I thought of to say on here today but now that the moment presents itself, all I got is a blinking cursor and a blank page. 

Guess it would be a good time to do a picture dump from my phone:

What greets me every morning when I open my curtains.

What greets me every night right before I close the curtains.

How I do summer squash.

For the record - not a bobcat. But glad it will no longer be terrorizing our chickens.
(We didn't cause the harm. It was hit by a car.)

 She smiles in her sleep.

The Duplos are causing grief at the moment (and by at the moment I mean over the course of the last month)... everyone wants to be playing them but no one can agree on what game. Paisley wants to make a pumpkin patch. Cosie wants to make people. Fielding wants to make a jungle gym. And Perry just wants to destroy it all.

The weather turned today. There was a nip in the air that wasn't there yesterday. But that didn't keep Perry from playing all afternoon in the ditch while waiting for the school bus, "Girls home now. School bus come now." He misses the kids or maybe he just likes seeing the bus - I don't know which.

I guess that's all folks.


HowellAZ said...

Woah, you are an amazing multi-tasker. Right now my 18 month old has almost made it to the top of the dining table. It's busy for sure and I don't know how you do it! Gotta go catch a wee one!

Britt said...

Glad I'm not the only one with chickens perched all over my picnic table. I always scrub it down when we have company over, but in the back of my head I wonder... what would they think if they knew my chickens pooped all over this table? Ack! My deepest, darkest secret!