Dress ups...

My friend was wondering if I was interested in her bag of used dress ups, since we already have a closet filled with similar items I hesitated, but I am also a sucker for free stuff, so I ultimately said yes. Which was a good move! Since their arrival on Thursday they are the only thing my children want to do. They try on dozens of different combinations and beg me to take their picture.

Fielding was the first to check out the loot upon it's arrival.

He loves this costume and surprisingly Cosie was cool with parting with her Build A Bear. "It looks good like that Fielding - you can have it!"

Star Wars

Harry Potters
(Ignore the mustache - it was spirit week and mustache day left Cosie with a semi-permanent tattoo.)


Ballerina baby (courtesy of Paisley)

Indiana Jones

The cutest Jedi in the universe, am I.

Dress-ups will forever be my favorite "toy." I will most likely cry the day that I show up on the doorstop of a fellow mom with a black garbage bag full of our favorite characters. Because this in your rearview mirror  - you just can't beat that.

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Micah Taylor said...

Haha yes!! What a great loot!! :)