As of late...

 Paisley performed well at her gymnastics meet so she gets to move up another level.

We exploited our children to get free donuts.

Perry and his Luna obsession - just like her it makes me want to cry. Luna is carried around the majority of the day because there really is no safe place for her. I try to hide her behind closed doors but pretty soon I hear Perry saying, "Where's our Luna?" as he searches and I have to go rescue her once more.

Part of the Howell crew came to town - they were our adopted family in AZ and we so wish they lived closer.

Luna wearing her Great Grandma Anderson dress - it made all the old ladies at church swoon.

Cosie loves the dog at the gymnastics gym.

 We had chicken for dinner... we were sad to see our prettiest bird go but beyond the incessant crowing, he was starting to get too aggressive with the kids. It has been nice to have cock-a-doodle-do-free mornings though.

Blake has waged war against the mice. All I know is that living on a farm makes you contemplate mortality a lot more.

Luna is rolling back to front and sucking her fingers.

The kids start getting along really well between the hours of 7-8pm... I am jealous of their second-wind and wish I could harness some of their pre-bedtime energy.

Ummmm... she's adorable.

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HowellAZ said...

So much cuteness captured in one post! We wish we lived closer, too. Maybe one day! Then I wouldn't have to live vicariously through your blog. :)