Thrift store finds...

It's been A WEEK. 

I thought school would start and my life would magically become calm and collected. Turns out 3 kids is still a lot of work... I forgot. 

My mother-in-law texted yesterday to see how our week was going. Instead of the normal smiley-filled text back about it being great, I kept it real and confessed my mid-week meltdown. In her kindness, she offered to take the kids for a bit today so I could get a break. So I took her up on it and got in a solid 2 hours of me time. I took a bath with a book. I did some laundry without Perry throwing socks at me. And I went to the thrift store. I felt like a whole new person.

I have a friend who I used to converse with about our "Thrift Store Holy Ghosts." Because sometimes I swear it is divine intervention that leads me through the doors of a certain store on a certain day to find just what I need. It's like a little nudge from above saying, "I see you trying to live a frugal life, let me help you out a bit in spreading those dollars a wee bit further today."

These are today's treasures - all items that have been on my thrift store list for awhile.

*I found $2 tennis shoes for Fielding which were much needed. I was getting close to shelling out the big bucks at a "real" store. 

*I found a $3 Red Samurai Ranger Halloween costume. Although a certain little 4-year-old would have preferred blue - it will do.

*I found a $13 bigger boys bike in great condition. I had given up on bike shopping at thrift stores but this restored my faith. Trying to determine if I should save it for Christmas or just bust it out right away to see the look of pure joy on his face.

And the best of all:

*I found a robe. The perfect robe I knew I always wanted but could never find. I have always wanted a robe. That desire has increased since having children, especially male children. My time for finding one was running out because I am sure Paisley was days away from calling me out about streaking through the house in my underwear. In the search for this robe, I have been through a couple dysfunctional ones.  I don't remember them all but three do come to mind. The short one with lime green turtles from my college days which barely covered my rear. The matching terry cloth one (Blake never wore his) that we got for our wedding which was too large and heavy. And the hot pink frilly one that my boobs were too big for. (If I had to write a one-sentence memoir on life it would be this: My boobs were too big for it.)

If you need me this weekend, I will be blogging...

In my slate-gray, waffle-knit robe...

It's a thing of beauty...

And comfort.

Thanks Jo and my Thrift Store Holy Ghost for making it happen.


Jo said...

I didn't even ask what you did!

HowellAZ said...

That couple of 'me' hours will lift your spirits...and your one-liner lifted mine! Haha!

Britt said...

Now I have the itch to go to the thrift store, but I must resist! I'm broke! Last week I got some awesome clearance at Maurices (75% off the lowest marked price) and the week before that, I bought 35 lbs of strawberries for $.25/lb, so those scores will have to hold me over for a while! We have a new(ish) second-hand clothing store nearby that supposedly has awesome prices. I need to get there someday.