This week...

Monday: Cleared my laundry room counter. I should have taken a before picture - mountains of laundry were put away. Paisley said, "Wow Mom this should be someone's bed." Luna would like the company - she got kicked out of our room into here... poor 5th child.

Tuesday: The girls wore matching clothes to school which surprised me - Paisley wouldn't match Cosie last year even though Cosie would beg her to.

Wednesday: Luna tried out the Bumbo. She liked it for limited doses; however, it still didn't keep her out of Perry's range of sight. Here he is trying to "sit with her." AHHHHHHH... how does the youngest ever survive?

Thursday: Fielding is loving to have his hour of Power Rangers back when Perry naps. He begged me to let Luna "watch it with me." She lasted about 30 minutes and he loved holding her.

Friday: Blake and I had a hot date in the kitchen while the kids had a movie night down the hall. We made pasta sauce - it was very romantic. The amount of produce on my counter right now is overwhelming.

Saturday: Luna caught the cold that Paisley brought home. We couldn't make it one week of school without someone getting sick! It makes sleeping stuffy and miserable. Poor baby!

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Britt said...

I'm so jealous of your laundry room!