The yard...

With our yard, I oscillate between being head-over-heels in love  and completely overwhelmed. It's big and green and amazing but also weedy and overgrown and incredibly time-consuming.

 Our garden has done well this year seeing that our planting had to fit in between fencing a pigpen and building a chicken coop.  We couldn't give it 100% but our tomatoes, peppers, and squash have not suffered in the least. On the other hand, our onions, basil, and corn are pretty sparse. We also have some melons, beans, and asparagus but they are more experimental.

One of the two tomato jungles. Blake can't help but overplant - he gets it from his father.

Our yard is also well-fertilized by these ladies, which I am sure disgusts some people but there poop is the least messiest poop I have to deal with. Pigs and humans are way worse.

 I've loved watching the flowers bloom all over the yard. We have amazing Hollyhocks, Shasta daises, and a bunch of others I can't name. It's been great to give them as gifts and hear people swoon, "Are these from your garden?" I always smugly remark, "Of course!" even though I didn't do an ounce of the work. They are all courtesy of the previous owner - I am lousy at flowers and Blake only thinks fruit-bearing plants are worth his time.

 The kids have played outside so much this summer. It really has helped with keeping them busy. I still have to watch Perry as he is a total run-away. But other than him, the older ones will go for hours playing fairies or in the water, as long as I bring out a popsicles every now and then. Our yard is fantastically shady which makes it trump the park most of these hot days.

Luna also enjoys being out and about. In sun light, she has stunning eyes and RED HAIR which is super exciting after our handful of tow heads.

An acre - loads of fun... and loads of work... 
So glad we don't have 10 like Blake originally wanted.

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HowellAZ said...

Love that yard! We'll have to send Ben and the girls to play when the come in Sept.