The truth behind staining a banister...

 So when we were considering buying this home - there were 3 major flaws (to ridiculously over-privileged me) about the house:

*Outdated kitchen
*Red-velvet carpet in the Master
*Orange oak banister

The first two were "big" cost items that would require some time to save up for but eventually we would hire out and upgrade them. But after talking with my realtor (who flips houses so she is a DIY expert) and the stair guy who worked on our last house, the banister seemed untouchable. Anything stair related costs a fortune so hiring it out didn't seem feasible, at least not until the other higher priority projects were done, which might be years. And since my eyes have an over sensitivity to this orangish oak wood, I was disappointed.

 The only wood this color in the house is the banister, but it falls in my entry way that I walk past at least 150 times a day. I was coming to accept that this would be something that wouldn't be changing any time soon but then I saw this blog post and I got to thinking hmmmm... maybe someday... but maybe not because those crafty bloggers always say, "Look how easy!" which is just a bold-faced lie... always.

Then I went to my friend Danielle's for lunch and noticed something looked different on her stairs:
C - "Did you re-do these?"
D - "Yea - I stained the rails and painted the spindles."
C - "It looks amazing. This is do-able?"
D - "Yea - it wasn't too bad."

So I blame Danielle for this act of insanity. Because if she wasn't so darn humble this is what she would have said, 

"Yep - I re-did them and they are totally awesome. Just like me - awesome! And it was a ton of work. But ain't nothing worth doing that's easy. And you just sand, and stain, and tape, and paint. But really you get interrupted like a million times answering little people's pleas, and sometimes you have to re-sand because little feet step on the non-dry stain, and you give up sleep and naptime freedom and your eyes almost permanently go cross-eyed from staring too hard at where you are cutting in and the smell can make you faint. But it wasn't too bad."

But Danielle wouldn't say that and her's probably went a thousand times smoother than mine (Why I had to give into impatience and do this before the kids returned to school is beyond me.) And if I look at the end result, I kinda want to say the same lie because it is absolutely stunning and upgrades things so nicely for like $10.

I would give you a tutorial but I probably did it all wrong. And I didn't bother sweeping up the sanding dust for the pictures.

But if I can do it with a two-year-old throwing Duplos at me from the top and a baby being bounced in her bouncy seat with my foot- you can too!

But I won't lie to you - not easy.

P.S. Thanks for inspiring me Danielle and for lending me your leftover stain... you really are awesome!


Trisha said...

Looks so good!!! Great Job! You inspire me to try and tackle projects with my kids around.

HowellAZ said...

Wow Cyndi! Just, wow!

Danielle said...

I'm going to try and be fancy and leave a reply! I've never done this before (you know me and technology) :) You crack me up! I'm pretty sure I'm not that humble, and I took about a month to do my stairs because I only did them while my children were at school or sleeping because I'm not nearly as nice to my children as you are to yours during a very detail oriented project. You are super woman and can bounce an infant, play legos with your 2 year old, bake cookies, have my children over for a pizza party, AND stain your stairs all at the same time!! Had I tried to do all that while I redid my stairs, my children would have been taken away from me due to neglect and a crazy mother! ;) Your stairs look absolutely beautiful!! I can't believe the difference it made!! Huge wow factor!! Great job!! Now on to designing that new kitchen! :)

Jo said...

You are amazing.