The three little pigs...

 We drove out to Kuna today, just so Perry could point out all the tractors...

Actually it was so I could take some more "cool old barn" photos to add to my "cool old barn" photo folder...

Actually it was to take the kids to the petting zoo...

But in all actuality it was to meet this guy.

Isn't he so cute? Which Blake tells me is just synonymous with little.

I wish I could say that itty bitty thing was one of our new pigs but he needed to stay with his mama for a bit longer. But the kiddos enjoyed passing the "Luna pig" around.

The three we did end up with were still fairly small AKA cute. 

This one is saying, "PICK ME! PICK ME!"

This one is saying, "WHY DID YOU HAVE TO PICK ME?"

So the newest Taylor farm additions are Ramona, Midnight, and Bridges... the three little pigs.

 We finished off the trip with a stop at the local pizza place but there was a "No pets allowed" sign so the piggies had to wait in the truck.  Perry was almost sentenced to waiting in the truck as well - we were reminded once more why we don't eat out with 2-year-olds. But we survived and got some much needed food into our bellies. 

And the piggies are adjusting nicely to their new home... which I have no photographic evidence of... yet.

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