Swim 2015...

Doing another round of swim lessons at Dunkley Family Swim (told you I should just copy and paste all of last year's summer posts).

Paisley is rocking it! Between swim camp and these lessons (we are on our fourth and final week), she will be graduating from swim lessons this year... which makes her sad. She loves diving and grabbing hair ties off the bottom of the pool. Her swimming has came so far from the little girl who used to scream on the top step. Now she is the last one out of the pool whenever there is a pool involved.
(Lame picture of her waiting for Fielding to do his thing - all I have is videos of her that are too large to upload and no patience to resize them.)

Cosette is improving daily. She has an "I can't" complex  and the teachers have been great to help her recognize that it might be hard but "I can." She can swim the entire length of the pool using various strokes and can dive on her own. She loves swimming down for dive-sticks and free time when she can relax in a floaty.

Fielding thinks he is a fish and has no need to breathe above the water... this is not true and his teachers are trying to get him to breathe more with his strokes. He can hold his breath for a scarily long duration. He has came far this year and makes me feel more comfortable around water with him. His favorite thing is jumping off the diving board with his floaty and will repeat it over and over and over.

Another note about Fielding is that he has fallen hard for his teacher. He makes her notes and brings her flowers from our yard. He was devastated this last week when they tried to move him up a class because he would have a different teacher. She finally convinced him that she would still say hi to him but that he needed to go with the bigger kids. He doesn't attach himself easily to other people so it has been cute to see.

 Perry didn't participate the first two weeks because I vowed never again to pay money for two-year-old classes (whatever the sport) but after chasing him all around the yard for each 45 minutes lesson only to have him venture back to pool over and over again... I finally gave in for the last two-weeks. And even if he doesn't learn anything at least he looks adorable in the goggles (that's worth $75 right?).

Luna isn't swimming. She gets to sweat it out on the shore with the moms and hear all the comments of, "All those towheads and now you got a ginger!"

I love, love, love that I have a red-head!

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HowellAZ said...

That red head of hers sure is adorable! That's how I felt about Aviv's blue eyes...I still love them and comment on them almost daily. That and the bright blond hair - it just gets me! Those kids were born to swim.