Summer fun list follow-up...

We rocked our Summer Fun List. This week we checked off some last-minute items.

*Massive water balloon battle - turned Twister game - turned shaving cream fight.

*Family bike ride along the greenbelt - not a bad way to spend a Friday evening.

(In other news, Cosie lost her two front teeth this week. The tooth fairy had to brush up on her under-the-pillow sneaking strategies since there has been a lapse in lost teeth around here.)

We rode in the truck and it was hot and the beater car that it is was overheating so we had the heater on and windows down.  I like to think it will help our children more fully appreciate the comforts of air conditioning in our other vehicles.

*Have a huge BBQ in the backyard.

Dozens of sunflowers off the side of the road as centerpieces.

Lovely - just lovely! And completely free.

 I enjoyed having this list - it helps my sanity to check items off lists. One of the harder things about being a SAHM for me is that I don't always feel productive. Very few things I do stay done for more than a few hours which can be discouraging. But now I can look at our list on the fridge and see all the awesome things that I made happen this summer:
*Have the kids sell some produce from the yard
*Go uncamping once a month
*Complete every level of the library's summer reading program - we tried but they switched to a computerized-tracking method that was just garbage. The kids read but I just couldn't keep up with all the logging in.
*Have a huge BBQ in our backyard
*Family bike ride along the greenbelt
*Let the kids stay up way late to play in the yard when we flood it
*Decorate the hideout under the stairs
*Set up our own geocache - maybe tomorrow.
*Float the Boise river
*Party with extended family
*Tie-dye summer shirts
*Go to the Diary Days parade
*Have a massive water balloon battle
*Dam a river
*Run a race
*Build a sandbox - this was supposed to be for Perry's birthday but out of all of us Blake's summer has been the most busy and it just didn't happen. Hopefully next year - I do miss our sandbox.
*Spend a day at Roaring Springs
*Float zucchini boats down our ditch

For the final day of Summer break, Kelsey and I met at the lake on Friday. We let the kids play as long as they wanted - sustained solely by grapes and Wheat Thins. I will miss these moments in the dead of winter but for now we are looking forward to the lovelies that are schedules and structure and silent naptimes for Perry.

Perry sharing his grapes with the seagulls.

You should see the tan lines on this kid - it is a testament to the fun we have had this summer.

I had to include my stroller in this picture - it was voted MVP this summer. If it could talk, oh the stories it would tell. If I someday regain enough brain cells to write something besides travelogues, Graco DuoGlider might just have to be a guest blogger on here.

So long sweet Summer...
I gave you the best that I had.

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HowellAZ said...

You not feeling productive is a complete mystery to me, but I do love that checklist! You guys had some serious fun this summer. I don't even want to think about it being over. In fact, I refuse to. ;)