Squash fights...

I think I could just re-post the same posts every summer - it really is all the same stuff...

Yesterday we made our bikini-boats!

Fielding and Paisley got way into it and sat chopping squash into bits for a good 30 minutes... this will be a new form of entertainment employed around these parts.

The other kids were there too and had good fun until this happened:

Then Repunzel Barbie waved farewell as she took a maiden voyage down the ditch.

Aurora was a snob and had to have a boat all to herself.

Good times for all - although the ladies were a little disappointed Ken never showed up.

I wonder how much longer I can get away with these poppycock forms of entertainment. I am waiting for one of the kids to call me out, "Really - Mom... squash boats? Can you just give it up and buy me an iPad already?"

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HowellAZ said...

That video...I hate to say I loved it with Cosie crying and all, but you just captured a classic family moment. Sweet.