Morning Mama...

I am a morning person... like not a before 7am morning person but still a morning person nonetheless. (Without kids I would be like a 6am morning person... just like without kids I would be a consistent runner, immaculate housekeeper, and not nearly as sleep-deprived.) 

I am mom-on-fire in the morning. 

Breakfast - done. Laundry - done. Baths - done. Dressed - done. Kid chores - done. Dishes - done. Errands - done. If lunchtime hits and it is not done then there is a good chance it won't be done until the next morning.

Just the other day Paisley asked why we don't take baths at night. (Yes... my kids crawl into bed flithy... don't worry I wash the sheets... like every 3 months...) And I gave her the honest truth, "Because I would yell too much." To which she replied, "Yea - that makes sense." Even my 8-year-old can delineate between morning mom and night mom.

Mornings for me are clean and happy and full of beautiful light.


Britt said...

I get it. I'm a morning mom, too. I'm also a Monday mom. I rock on Mondays. Thursday's? Not so much.

HowellAZ said...

I love that! I'm figuring out that I'm neither a morning mom, nor an evening mom. I'm more like a nap time mom. Not that I accomplish much during naps, but it's my favorite time of day. :)