Luna girl...

This baby...

This baby is magical!

She sleeps.
She eats.
She poops.
and she smiles at anything.

This is her 3 hour cycle that she repeats all day. 

10pm hits and she puts herself to sleep. She just closes her eyes and doesn't open them again until 8am (as long as I straitjacket her).

She is magical. 

I don't know where she came from with her red hair and transparent blue eyes but I am not sending her back. People always comment on the sparkle in my blue-eyed baby's eyes but the other day a stranger took a good long look at Luna and said, "Her eyes sparkle. Like literally there is glitter stuck in there or something." 

She is forever patient with her siblings - Perry is obsessed with her still and ask to "HOLD IT!" all the time. He always is up in her face pinching her cheeks and trying to open her eyes. Nursing can be a beast if he is around as he climbs all over us and tries to pull Luna into his own lap. I don't leave her unattended with him no matter how short the duration.

My friend asked me if I was having fun dressing her. I said sure but  really I could keep her in mitten-ized nightgowns all day and be totally fine with it. However, Paisley loves dressing her! She makes sure she has day clothes and pajamas and church clothes and proper pool attire. It's a good thing someone around here is putting Luna's great wardrobe into use.

 As far as tricks go, Luna giggles occasionally, babbles when talked to, and is trying so hard to swing those hips to roll over. 

She is 12lbs of chunky pure joy!

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