Kaysville* cousins...

We had a fun visit from some of the kid's second cousins on Blake's Mom's side (I don't know if I am saying that right - it's late...)

Monday they came for Family Home Evening, where we had a scavenger hunt and frosted cookies.

Then they played outside until night fall.

I think Blake finally got the tire swing strung up for good (we kept having some knots slip).

Tuesday we showed them the awesomeness that is Eagle Island.

All the kids enjoyed having a playmate.

And I enjoyed extra hands - makes a day at the beach more like a day at the beach.

Wednesday we met them at their hotel for a morning dip and to say goodbye. Paisley had tears in her eyes when we drove away. Her and Kate became fast friends... they remind me of each other.

Thank you Dave and Jeannie for coming to our neck of the woods - made our second to last week of Summer Break (Yes - I'm counting) very enjoyable.

Any other distant relatives want to come hang out?

*I know that all these cousins are not from Kaysville per se, but that is how Blake has always referred to this group of Nays and it has stuck.


Jeannie said...

Thanks for taking the time to make our vacation so fun. We loved everything. You have a darling family.

Jana Weaver said...

Kate was crying about never seeing Paisley again when we got her home. She LOVED spending time with her and your family. She talked all about your farm and catching a minnow...so fun! We will always claim being from Kaysville too. I'd love copies of your pictures.

Trisha said...

Thanks so much for helping entertain Nate! He had lots of fun! You are such a fun mom!