Backpacking and more...

 Blake just got back from a backpacking trip to the Boulder Chain Lakes. He went with his friend Greg and loved it. They hiked about 20 miles over the course of 3 days - saw about 25 lakes and caught fish in about half of them. They went over crazy passes and swam in freezing cold water... it was all very manly.

I was a little jealous that Blake went without me but at least Greg is a licensed marriage and family therapist. I told Blake he could go only if he found out how to be a perfect husband. :)

While he was away, I made a desperate attempt to keep the kids occupied.

 We went to the biggest park in town.

Spent a morning which turned into the afternoon at the river.

 Did so much swimming that Perry broke out in a nasty rash from all the wet swim diapers.

Played Duplos for hours and hours and hours - they are the toy of the moment right now.

 Hosted a pizza and movie night for some of our friends (that is my slice with all the garden veggies).

And since I don't sleep when my husband is away, I tackled more of my big DIY project that I took on... almost finished and can't wait to blog about it!

By the time, Blake got back I felt a little bit like this:

Summer break exhaustion has hit.

 7 days, 9 hours, and 32 minutes... before school starts.

Yes, there is a countdown clock on my phone.


Jana Weaver said...

You had quite the week! Kate has been begging me to just bring her over to play with Paisley. You'll definitely need to let us know next time you are relatively close we could even meet you to let the girls play.

Micah Taylor said...

Hahaha love that last picture!! Happy almost school time, I'm excited to see what projects you've been doing :)