We are from the planet Duplo. We are here to destroy you...

Five kids - this is what five kids looks like bright and early on a Monday morning. 

For a brief moment they all were in one place, playing ever so nicely. One of those "I got this" moments where I received a much-needed boost of positive energy that we might just make it through this summer in one piece.

I'm often asked "How do you do it?" I usually shrug and mumble something along the lines of "One day at a time."

But that is not really the truth.

It really is one moment at a time.

Some moments I am not doing "it."  Some moments the sound of little feet approaching my side of the bed in the morning makes me cringe. Some moments the sight of displaced toys, shoes, and snotty tissues makes me want to burn the place down. Some moments the smell of my own children makes me nauseous. Some moments the taste of another sub-par dinner prepared with no less than 20 interruptions makes me want to order take-out everyday for the rest of my days. Some moments the constant touch of it all makes me want to run out the front door, past the mess of scooters and bikes littering the driveway, and leave it all behind.

But I can't. 

And I won't. 

Those are just some moments.

Other moments - I got this. Other moments I greet each child with a smile and a hug and a "Did you sleep good?" Other moments I willingly rearrange the entire living room just so we can build a decent fort. Other moments I accept that it will always be my best piece of tupperware that they have found to use as a roly-poly home. Other moments I look around the dinner table and notice every chair is full and I smile knowing that there is nothing out there that for me is any better than this.

This man whom I have chosen to love. 

These kids who I have chosen to bear.

 This home where I have chosen to stay. 

They are all so good. 

Some moments I just forget.

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HowellAZ said...

This is my favorite blog post yet. Thank you for your gift of words! Now, get started on writing a book in all that spare time. ;)