On Monday, Perry turned 2!
There are two things Perry likes:

1. Trucks, tractors, and things that go.
and 2. Trucks, tractors, and things that go.

So he had a very simple "Tractor Birthday" because my older kids don't understand that sometimes you can just have a "Birthday Birthday" with no theme involved, "Mom, Perry should have a Tractor Birthday!"  I only have myself to blame for this.

On Sunday, we had Grandparents around after Luna's blessing so we did presents and cake then.

He had lots of help in the opening present department and scored a tractor and cookies... what more could a kid want!

He loved his cake - didn't want to eat it, just wanted to run the tractors all through the "dirt.

Monday was his actual birthday and since we had lots of cousins to entertain, I put the older kids in charge of the birthday games we were going to play for Family Home Evening.

We played "Pin Perry in the tractor!"

Fielding colored the tractor.

And lots of rounds of "Don't eat Pete!"

Paisley and Breeana had set up a treasure hunt and then we ended the night with ice cream sandwiches.
And since I missed posting all about him on his actual birthday, here are some Perry facts:

*He loves to play outside - bikes, walks, and digging in dirt are his favorite forms of outside play.
*He loves meat - he eats fairly well but when it comes to "chicken" he can't get enough.
*He is hesitant around water.
*He begs his brothers and sisters to play trains, read books, or go outside with him all day.
*He has shoe issues and would prefer to wear rainboots as opposed to any other shoe.
*He loves gum and if given some will chew it for an hour - a trick learned from his big sisters.
*He is still adjusting to Luna and at his best tells me, "Down Baby" when he wants me to put her down and at his worst tries to kick her in the head while she nurses.
*He is a disaster during sacrament meeting but loves nursery class.
*He still takes a two-hour nap which is a glorious break from his go, go, go.

In the words of Jerry Seinfield, "A two-year-old is kind of like having a blender, but you don't have a top for it." I always forget just how crazy this age is - Perry has reminded me once more. 

Crazy but also crazy cute!


Jo said...

He is adorable.

Micah Taylor said...

Haha yes! I love it-- James is the same, read books, play outside, and cars all day :)

Happy 2 years Perry!