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I've seen a few of these sponsored "What's in my pool bag?" posts where bloggers cooler than myself list out all these awesome and expensive and completely unnecessary items that they are hauling to the water. But I thought I would do you a favor and show you what a mom truly needs to survive the afternoon at the lake with multiple kids in tow.

When Blake's mom asks what I want for birthdays, I usually give her a sewing project because in the words of the all-knowing Britt, sewing with children means, "I'd probably end up drop kicking my sewing machine out of frustration." So she made me this awesomely huge bag - seriously the thing goes from my neck to my ankles when I am lugging it and fits just about everything I need for our weekly Eagle Island trips.

Here is what is inside:
A - Goggles in various states of disarray. I have come to determine goggles rarely make it to the end of swim season still functioning.
B - Floaties. I have impressive lung functioning thanks to these bad boys.
C - Perry's tractor and shovel. Since he is the first to ask to leave these help prolong our stay.
D - Hand-me-down magazine that I feel lucky if I get to read 2 pages of during the entire 3 hours we are there.
E - Four life jackets - why my bag has to be so big.
F - Towels - the boys share one and the girls share one.
G - Frisbee for Paisley to toss with her "friends" that she makes while there.
H - Bucket and net for Fielding's minnow catching. He gets way into this.
I - Baby powder. Best sand remover ever.
J - Spray sunscreen - the only manageable way to sunscreen so many little people.
K - First aid kit - for the blood.

This post was brought to you by the smell of urine and a forgotten swim diaper that required a bag dump and wash.

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Britt said...

I'm going to insist on being called the all-knowing Britt from now on. You heard it here first.

I need to try the baby powder thing.