We wasted no time getting down to the lake while the sun was shining - there was boating action but I was on the shore and this is what we did.

Boy cousins played a Lacrosse/Golf hybrid sport of some kind.

Girl cousins turned Cosette into a mermaid.

Perry found some things with wheels.

And Christy did what Christy does and sandcastled it up.

 Then a big thunderstorm rolled in which changed our lunch plans a couple of times but eventually we ended up back at the condo surrounding a big fire to make "doughys!"

My dad discovered these fun campfire gadgets and gave one to each family. We then had a cookoff on who could make the most delicious doughy.

 I don't think we got around to judging but I do know that we all filled our bellies up nicely!

Afterwards, I made a valiant effort to make group photos as pain-free as possible. Although I am sure some would still complain of the torture.

 Then my dad told one of his good old stories...

 that led to treasure hunt in the downpour.

And then I found Perry had put himself to sleep under the stairs with a car in each hand so we packed out and headed home to enjoy the comforts of our own beds.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the effort that went into this reunion!

And thanks for having so many dang kids - otherwise I am sure I would have ended up as the only child in a very dull, very normal family. 

And who would want that, when you can have this:


AndersonGR8 said...

What a crew! No wonder I came home tired. Our numbers have grown for sure through the years. Nice review of the events that will make for some great future reminiscing. Thanks to all there!

HowellAZ said...

SO MUCH FUN!!! A summer to remember for sure.