Friday started bright and early. A fact about little children: no matter how late they stay up they will still wake at the crack of dawn.

We had a whole day ahead of us so we got dressed and headed out.
 I love that my kids just reach out and grab a cousin's hand even if it is one they have never remembered meeting before.

First, Christy set everybody up for some fishing.

We got skunked but had fun:

 Racing trucks down the dock.

Chasing minnows.


 And dipping in our toes.

After a bit some of us headed back only to be followed by a couple deer and the rain.

We ate a few snacks and then a group decided to follow our fearless leader Blake up the mountain to take a hike to Skein Lake.

We needed a group picture and luckily my niece Kelsi was prepared with her selfie stick.

 And here are a million pictures that I won't narrate.

After hiking (and boating for those back at the cabin), Chad arrived with his family making it a full house of 45 people. Check out all those shoes.

We had a short-lived fire due to the rain.

Then headed inside for Luna snuggles.

And a candy ball much to the delight of the cousins.

Monte and Jo had wrapped oodles of candy (including everyone's favorite) into a syran-a-wrap ball. Then they each took turns unwrapping it while their neighbor tried rolling doubles so that they could snatch it away.

Definitely one of my kids favorite things we did during the reunion.

The brave ones (Paisley being the youngest and last one in) ended the night with very wet night games while the rest of us played games and tried to find a quiet place to put tired kiddos to bed.

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AndersonGR8 said...

Great memories! Thank you for capturing the moments so well.

Crazy it was - indeed!