Endless Fourth...

My sister Christy has a theme once her kids hear that last school bell of the year, she calls it  "Endless Summer!" As in anything goes... sleep all day, party all night, lake trips, cousin parties, milkshakes for breakfast, sleep on the tramp, whatever goes. I can not maintain that kind of stamina for an entire summer; however, there is one day of the year that we adopt this mentality - we call it Endless Fourth of July!

From 8am to 11pm, it is one non-stop party. We've got our routine down and it goes something like this:

8am - 9am: Wake up, don proper red, white, and blue attire, and eat breakfast
9am-10am: Follow the caravan of cars to the middle of nowhere
10am - 11am: Enjoy the festivities at the Melba parade

We had a nice crowd of Taylors and Andersons to sweat it out - it was hot, hot, hot!!!
 11am - 12pm: Drive home
12pm - 1pm: Scarf down quesadillas, throw on swimsuits, and reapply sunscreen
1pm - 2pm: Head out and get boaters set up at Barber park
2pm - 3pm: The "moms" head to Ann Morrison park and find a nice little shady spot for the little ones to wait for the boaters
3pm - 4pm: Boaters come floating past, come out freezing cold and starving.
4pm -5pm: Throw together a BBQ for the masses
5pm - 6pm: Devour food
6pm - 7pm: Savor the deliciously cold homemade ice cream made by Grandpa Taylor
7pm - 8pm: Chill for half a minute
8pm - 9pm: Pajama kiddos
9pm - 10pm: Join the crowd that is descending on Ann Morrison for the main event.
10pm - 11pm: Whizz! Boom! Crack!
11pm - 11:45pm: Drag tired kiddos to the car. Make a last minute pre-Sunday stop at the store for some blue cheese crumbles (random, I know).
12am: Transfer sleeping kids to bed and crash out seconds after your head hits the pillow.

It was a stellar Fourth - even if your mom forced you into some goofy get-up:
I told Blake we needed to stop and find a pair of red salt-water sandals to complete the ensemble but he wouldn't comply.

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