Why Luna?

So I know you have all been wondering why we chose the name Luna? Well maybe not all of you but a few have asked so I thought I would share it here.

So why Luna? 
Why not? Doesn't she just look like a Luna?

So Blake and I do not agree on girl names - like not even a little. I love Felicity - he hates it. He loves Mercedes - I hate it. We both like unusual names but other than that our assent quickly fades away. So at about 37 weeks, we had no real contenders for a girl's name. We were throwing around Honor and Caprice but neither of us really loved those names. 

Then one morning I woke up and like the lyrics to a dirty song the name Luna would not get out of my head. I can't even remember what jarred it into my brain. I mean there is Luna Lovegood, of course.

But other than that I couldn't remember ever hearing the name before. So all morning, I walked around patting my belly, "Are you a Luna?" "I think you're a Luna." "You could totally be Luna." By lunch time I had completely fallen in love with little Luna but there was just one problem, I knew Blake would hate it.

Blake and I had a lunch date that day and I knew I needed to present this new inspiration but was scared to have my suggestion be shot down. So we sat down with our big Costa Vida salads and I said, "I have a new girl's name but don't want to tell you because I don't want to hear your no." (Thing #57 you should know about Cyndi: I hate hearing the word no.) He urged me to go on, so I said, "I really love this name so think it over before you just say no. And don't think Harry Potter please. Just think of the name." To which he replied, "Just tell me already." To which I whispered "Luna" and then held my breath.

 He repeated it back, "Luna?"
 "Yea - Luna."
"I love Luna. I suggested Luna months ago."
"What?!? Where was I?"
"Yea - I love Luna."
And at which point I almost burst into tears of joy!

 So that is how Luna came to be. 

Luna does mean "moon" in Spanish and I do love when Blake calls her "Lunita." with his nice accent but that isn't why we named her that. And while we are on the subject, joy comes from my middle name Lovejoy. And that is what she is - a total joy.
 Photos courtesy of Brie Elliot Photography.


Jo said...

Luna Joy is beautiful!

Britt said...

Great story! I'm glad you found a name you both love. Scotty and I have had some fun arguments about names over the years. We will never have a Frankie, much to his dismay.

HowellAZ said...

Thanks for sharing! It's a great name, different and beautiful. At least you had a name before you hit the hospital. I was in labor and we still had not come together on a name. It can be a daunting task!