That one time I gave into my 2 year-old's tantrum...

It's 4:30pm, kid's are tired and hungry and no matter how you spin it there is no way that going to the thrift store is a good idea at this hour. But the older ones have just spent 2 sweaty hours working the corner at their friend's neighborhood lemonade stand. "Can we go to the toy store to spend one of our dollars?" I want to say yes - they worked hard for that money, everyone is already loaded in the van (Don't get me started on the intricacies of loading 5 small children safely into a vehicle), and we have a bit of time before we need to get dinner started. And so I do - I say yes. We will call that mistake #1. 

We arrive at our toy store of choice, Goodwill (because we are classy like that), hit the toy aisles and let the kids pick their treasures. Paisley chose an umbrella because she is too cool for toys, Cosie chose a coloring book because the million we already own aren't enough for my budding artist, and Fielding chose to save his dollars because he is his father's son. We were heading to the registers when Perry spotted a large tractor - it was love at first sight. I thought if I gave him a minute alone with his one true love the appeal would wear off because that is how it usually works. We will call that mistake #2.

After 5 minutes I realized that the tractor wasn't losing any luster so I went with my go to mode of distraction, "Let's put back the tractor and go read stories." Stories are Perry's love language and the promise of books on the couch at home can make him forget just about anything. Anything that is but a shiny yellow excavator. He wasn't having it and began to whimper. I should have acted swiftly but hesitated and at this critical time, Fielding made the error of reaching for the tractor. We will call that mistake #3. 

This sent Perry into hysterics - he latched on with a vice-like grip to his piece of heavy equipment and screamed and screamed and screamed. Perry is usually pretty chill so at this moment I kind of just stared at him alongside all the other innocent thrifters like "Who's kid is that?" It's been awhile since I have had the privilege of dealing with a full-blown toddler fit in the public arena so I wasn't on top of my game. When the use of tic-tacs and gum both failed to persuade him to let go, I knew I had two options: either (a) leave all other purchases in the cart (much to the dismay of the other children) and tote a screaming child out of the store under my arm while pushing a cart with a newborn in it with three other children at varying levels of distress following behind me or (b) buy the $3 hunk of plastic.

We went with Option B.
Perry won.

5pm Meridian Goodwill shoppers you can thank me later for this public act of service.


HowellAZ said...

Haha! We have that exact same toy (I'm sure also from the second hand store, where all our toys come from), but without the great story to go along with it. Just pat yourself on the back for all the hard work you do.

AndersonGR8 said...

Great $3 investment in my grandson's future as a hard-core negotiator...