Save My Sanity list...

Today is Paisley's last day of school (we pulled Cosie out a few days early so she could party in Washington). So I am staring down the barrel of 3 months with all 5 kids under my constant supervision and I am freaking out just a little bit. So in an effort to calm my nerves, I have decided to list out all things I want to enjoy doing with my kids this summer. I guess it is our Summer Bucket List (although I was trying to avoid that terminology) - maybe more along the lines of our Save My Sanity List. So here goes:

*Complete every level of the library's summer reading program
*Set up our own geocache
*Have the kids sell some produce from the yard
*Go uncamping once a month
*Have a huge BBQ in our backyard
*Family bike ride along the greenbelt
*Let the kids stay up way late to play in the yard when we flood it
*Decorate the hideout under the stairs
*Float the Boise river
*Party with extended family
*Tie-dye summer shirts
*Go to the Diary Days parade
*Have a massive water balloon battle
*Dam a river
*Run a race
*Build a sandbox
*Spend a day at Roaring Springs
*Float zucchini boats down our ditch


HowellAZ said...

Good luck on that bucket list! But it wouldn't be summer if it wasn't jam-packed with activities! Have a great one!

Jo said...

They can come and pick my strawberries!

AndersonGR8 said...

Nice list. I want to be involved in that Diary Days parade - should make for some great reading...
Sure enjoying Cosie and Fielding in Vancouver!

Breeana Bowman said...

I like the list. Hope your family is doing it great.