My dad...

My dad is a cold bowl of raspberries with a sprinkle of sugar.
My dad is a pair of freezing hands being placed on my cheeks after an early morning run.
My dad is a fresh-tilled garden ready to be filled with corn seeds.
My dad is a pile of grandkids pulling him in 5 different directions.
My dad is a warm bloody steak sliced fresh off the grill.
My dad is a last minute road trip to see family.
My dad is a bowl of ice cream with sliced bananas and salted peanuts.
My dad is an off-key song filled with all the wrong words.
My dad is a day on the lake pulling a dozen kids behind the boat.
My dad is a made-up story filled with eagles, dwarfs, and little people that one day you realize sounds awfully similar to The Hobbit.

My entire life I have been surrounded by good men. My father was the first. With him, I always felt wanted, cherished, loved. He was of the "children are to be seen not to be heard" generation - yet that never set well with him - children were seen and chased and carried on his shoulders. Because of him, I believe in the power that one good man can have on a child. And will be forever grateful that I was his child.


AndersonGR8 said...

Cyndi, thank you for this. It brings back great memories and an encouragement to maintain. I love being your dad.

HowellAZ said...

Sweet tribute! You have a great dad! I'm so glad we enjoy the blessings of dads in our lives.

Jo said...

You are blessed.