Final ride...

It was a fateful Friday morning for 3 of our piggies.

Socks, Luau, and Wilma all made weight and were loaded up and hauled away.

Everyone keeps asking how the kids are handling it and either we are raising heartless carnivores or we properly set the expectation from the get-go because all the kids took it well.

Getting those big ol' pigs into the trailer went smoother than expected.

The pigs have been a fun experience. They are fairly easy to care for and ours were pretty mellow (I have heard this is not always the case). In a couple weeks, we will probably get another batch of piglets - just 3 this time in hopes to cut down on the amount of poop so that we can keep up with the mucking a little bit better. It isn't so much the poop that causes smell issues as the impressive amounts of urine they produce which keeps all the other stuff wet and nasty.

This is them at their dirtiest and stinkiest - they were a good set of first piggies!

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