Birthday weekend...

I turned 31 on Friday - this is how we celebrated:

My beautiful and talented friend took some pictures of my little girl. You can preview them here. I showed up with a baby in a hand-me-down onesie and realized minutes before arriving that I don't own a single headband (let alone a frilly photo-worthy one). Luckily she had props on hand and made little Luna look precious.

Blake skipped out of work early so we could do lunch with his parents and get some always-needed yard work done. Then my mom arrived with Fielding and Cosette - after a week away I sure did miss these two munchkins. Fielding was the most generous with his hugs and has been holding Luna lots to make up for lost time.

Christy also arrived for a short overnighter. Always fun sharing baby snuggles.

And making cousin stacks.

Then we dug into the awesome cake that Blake made. He has become a little obsessed with baking which after having the kitchen all to myself for the past 10 years is a little strange.

I had lots of help blowing out my candles.

Luna gave me the best birthday present and slept through the night - which was nice but also freaked me out.

Saturday, we loaded up the mini-van with all the kids for the first time since Luna's arrival and headed to a BYU alumni fun run. So many kids in close quarters makes for a noisy ride.

Blake, Paisley and Fielding (on his bike) did the 5K while Christy and I pushed, pulled, and carried the others for the mile.

The rest of Saturday was spent at the park for a birthday party, a baptism, and BBQ. It was a full day of fun that woudn't have gone as smooth had my mom not been here to help herd the cats!

Sunday, we did the church thing then relaxed the day away awaiting for Grandpa Anderson's arrival. 

Since his flight got delayed it ended up being a lot later than we thought. My mom, Luna, and I picked him up around 11pm and I completed my birthday weekend right by introducing my dad to his newest granddaughter which is always a pleasure!


Jana Weaver said...

I love the picture of you and all your children blowing out your birthday candles! Happy birthday!

HowellAZ said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a fabulous one. You and Luna are pretty close in birthdays. How fun!
Tell Blake he is an awesome cake-baker...seriously it looked delish!
You have more energy than I've ever seen in another human being. How did you walk, push, carry for a mile?!? You are super woman!