1 month...

Luna is 1 month - I can no longer say her age in days... sniff, sniff.

 I have come to the conclusion that I could do my babies as newborns for at least a year. Yep - 12 months of scrunchy faces, tiny fists, and whole body yawns... I could totally do it. 

But alas - babies don't keep, especially newborns. Luna has changed so much in these last four weeks. Here is what we know about her so far:

*Nurses like an all star. My children come from good eating stock on both sides and I have yet to have any child put up a fight. They come out knowing how to consume calories - it's their talent.
*Is the most pukey of all my kids. 
*Sleeps very well most nights - double swaddled like the rest of them.
*Likes to catnap during the day unless we are running around then she will pass out for hours in her car seat.
*Smiles when talked to.
*Has slight Torticollis - after Perry's more severe case we feel confident we can take care of it without PT.
*Gets lots of love from her older siblings - especially Paisley who has to be told, "Just let her lay there for awhile." at least once a day.

*And she enjoys a good nap in the tent leftover from camping in the backyard while mom weeds.

She owned the place!

Yep - a year... I could definitely do a year of chunky thigh rolls!

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Stacey Thompson said...

She is so beautiful. I wish I could hold her.