We made it home Thursday night with Ms. Luna. I think we offended both the discharge nurse and the in-hospital pediatrician by refusing to stay another night. They kept going on about how we needed to rest - I should have said, "Have you ever tried to sleep here?!?" 
(In her going home outfit.)

Friday morning, Blake left with Cosette and Fielding for Newport, OR. He was signed up for a marathon and since his training has gone so well, I didn't want him to miss this opportunity to qualify for Boston. I was more than supportive of him leaving so shortly after Luna's delivery but that doesn't mean the second the car left the driveway that I didn't burst into tears... going back into my quiet house led to an unexpected wave of loneliness. My mom summed it up well, "My life is too full with all these kids, but too empty without a single one of them."
(This arrived at my doorstep from an Etsy shop but with no note - if you sent it to me please tell me so I can properly express my appreciation for the perfect sentiment at the moment.)

But luckily Jo (Blake's mom) saved the day by calling shortly after. She took Perry to her house for a bit so I could get cleaned up and take a nap then she came and kept me company all afternoon and evening. She felt like she wasn't helping much but she has no idea how much better she made my day.
(Paisley and her did the neighborhood 5k and kiddie run this morning.)

I have been waiting for news all morning on the Newport Marathon and finally received it. Blake did stellar (a PR at 3:13)! Not quite Boston, but getting real close. Dad and Kara also ran the half and did great. 
(I can't wait to get back into all these finish line shots.)

Fielding and Cosie are having a blast on their seaside get-away. I am glad Blake was able to take them along.
 (Crabbing with Grandpa is Fielding's new favorite hobby.)
(And Cosette is making a fashion statement - as usual.)

As for the rest of it - we've just been admiring this sweet thing.
 (My mom makes my babies hats that they wear in the hospital - Luna got loads of attention in this one.)

 (Hair - this child has hair! And elf ears at the moment.)

(Big yawns!)

 (Paisley chose Luna over the beach party - that is how much she loves babies! She has been a great help here though.)

 (Perry and I went for a walk and collected some flowers from the yard. I love that the previous owner planted so many awesome plants and I love Perry's handsome smile!)

 Things are bright and beautiful and Blake is back on his way home to us. We survived the whirlwind that we knew this week would be.


Pops said...

Thanks for sharing part of your family with us. Nice to run with Blake and great to enjoy Cosette and Fielding here at the beach. Love to Luna and the rest.

Shelby Olson said...

You are amazing! Sending your husband off willingly after just having a baby, that is quite a feat. Keep the pics of the new baby coming! Patrick, Keaton and I would love to come out that way when you are up for company. And the sign was from me, I figured you probably had all the baby stuff covered, hope it doesn't clash with your decor :)

HowellAZ said...

I agree - you are such a trooper! That first week (well, 2 weeks) are just pure survival mode and you are almost solo, girl! Keep up the good work and get some rest. :)