Uncamping - Swan Falls edition...

Friday was the ward's fathers and sons campout. Fielding was so excited to go camping with his dad; however, by the time Blake got home from work we realized the campsite was two hours away which meant Fielding would be passed out by the time they got there. It was too long of a drive for how late Blake got home which was disappointing for Fielding. We tried to make it up to him and took the whole family uncamping to Swan Falls.

The dock was a big hit for throwing rocks and sticks.

 The fire was good for s'mores!

The hills were good for hiking...

...And flexing.

 The sun went down so we pajamed up the kids and headed home.

Stopping to let Blake track down his first geocache with the kids.

All the kids came home completely satisfied with our experience and ready for bed. 
Uncamping is fantastic!!!

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