The Hen Pen...

It's a good thing we don't have any CC&R's where we live, because I am pretty sure roofing your chicken coop at 11pm would be breaking them. But thanks to Blake's late night efforts - it's finished!!!

Blake came up with this little beauty in his head and I love how it turned out. I warned him that he should never have let me learn that he is so handy - I have all sorts of ideas for the house on what he could build. He assures me that his expertise is best left to the outside realm - I assure him that once winter comes this coop will not be the only thing with beadboard on it at this house.

 It was a lot of work to get this built, painted, chicken-wired, and roofed but with Blake's engineering brain, Perry's willingness to still take an afternoon nap so mom could paint, and lending hands (and tools) from our parents when they were around - we did it!

Here are some of it's features:

The black things sticking out the rear window are the feed tubes.

Chickens are good at wasting their food - we hope these inhibit that.

The run. The chickens like it once we put them down it but haven't quite mastered going up and down on their own 
(Farmyard fact: Pigs are smarter than chickens).

The front panels lift up to ease cleaning it out and make it nice for the kid's to be able to get in and ruffle a lot of feathers.

 The nesting boxes. Can't wait until these are put into use! We have determined that we only need about 1.5 million eggs to be produced from our chickens to make this whole endeavor cost-effective.

The chicks love their new home and the extra space has helped them grow into fine specimens.

And just so you are all clear on what I am talking about with the awkward teenager phase - the chicken on the left is three weeks younger then the one on the right. You can clearly see which one has came out of puberty and which one hasn't.

It is a beauty but I am so glad to be done with chicken wire for a few months... or years... or lifetimes.


Jo said...

It is a lovely casa de pollo aka gallinero. I looked it up after my experience of trying to explain to the roofers why I wanted to keep the old shingles! I really love how it turned out!

HowellAZ said...

Awesome work everyone!

Britt said...

That is a super cute coop! Much fancier than where we keep our chickens.

AndersonGR8 said...

Hmmm - 2 feed tubes and a dozen chickens - have you taught them to share? No wonder the one is so scrawny. Who ever you hired to put the chicken wire over the windows did a swell job - just saying.