The details...

We arrived at 12am and got to work with Cervidil. It was a long night of beeps, lights, and noisy nurses at their station - hospitals at night anytime are not my favorite places. By 8am, they started Pitocin and Blake and I were betting that we would be eating lunch with our baby. Baby had other ideas though and took her sweet time. At 11am, I got an epidural and then passed a long and uneventful afternoon. In the past, once I hit 4 cm then the baby is out within the half an hour - this was not the case this time as I slowly dilated to a 4 then a 5 then a 6 then a... and it took until about 4pm when my water broke for anything exciting to happen.

Nurse checked me and realized baby was basically out and told me "Don't sneeze, laugh, or cough." while we waited for the doctor. He finally came and caught her. 

It was Blake's job to tell me if it was a boy or a girl but since the cord was around her neck twice everyone focused in on that and forgot to tell me so I had to look for myself.

The doctor was having lots of fun hefting her trying to guess her weight but eventually we got him to hand her off to me. First thing I noticed was her cheeks - she has got some great cheeks!

Luna opened her eyes and took it all in. She was very alert and reminded us a lot of when Paisley was born. Blake and I got to pass her back and forth and love on her for quite awhile before the nurses came to clean her up.

They weighed and measured her - I thought she would be pushing 9lbs but surprised us by only being 8lbs.

Our nurse bathed her and got her all wrapped up to go to the recovery room.

Thanks for making your way to us little Luna!


Britt said...

Dang! That was fast! Thanks for the update! I hope you're all doing well and not too bored in the hospital.

Crystal said...

I love birth stories. So glad you got your details up quick. Luna is a beautiful little girl withe a beautiful name! PS...With my little boy I was literally dilated to a 4 for a MONTH before finally being induced.

Trisha said...


Starla said...

Congrats, Cyndi and Blake and kids! And welcome to sweet baby Luna Joy!