*Talking up a storm - he figured out two/three word phrases and loves to repeat them (i.e. "Read tractor book.") until we can figure out exactly what he is saying.
*Has crazy wispy hair that seems curly in the back.
*Loves to go outside.
*Is super attached to his mama.
*Loves to wrestle Fielding or chase the girls.

*Anxiously awaiting the arrival of our irrigation water tonight,
*Enjoys coloring and drawing spy maps.
*Loves when he can watch shows during Perry's nap.
*Asks for friends daily.
*Eating habits have improved dramatically lately.

*Obsessed with school.
*Loves the Rainbow Magic books.
*Is a bit of a hypochondriac and catalogs all her owwies and ailments for me each night.
*Plays with Fielding on the tire swing all morning before school.
*Looks forward to summer and asks when we are going to Roaring Springs every time we pass it which is every single day.

*Wants the baby to come - now!
*Enjoys the chicks in their new coop because she doesn't have to feed/water them as much.
*Is learning lots about navigating friendships.
*Read all the Wimpy Kid books and is begging her mom to check out the Dork Diaries (which I am dragging my feet about).
*Is the early bird of the kids and is not allowed to get out of her bed before 7.

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HowellAZ said...

They are each so unique and wonderful! I know it probably gets annoying, but since none of my kids have ever been "mamma's babies", I think it would be adorable to have a clingy kid (or at least just once in a while).