I'd rather be blogging about a baby...

I got nothing to say - ALL I can think about this baby and when I will get to meet him/her.

At my appt on Tuesday, the doctor and I (with the help of Blake's assertiveness) decided that if baby hasn't appeared by next Wednesday - we will begin induction at 12am that day (40 weeks and 5 days). It's nice to have a finish line in sight but I am still trying to will my cervix into softening, thinning, and dilating - all things it has never done without the help of medical intervention. I am just so ready to meet this little person and find out who it is.

The kids are just as eager.

*Paisley has already shed tears about who gets to hold the baby. Something you need to understand about Paisley is that she loves babies (MORE THAN ANYTHING!). Somehow bringing the baby to church for the first time came up and Paisley was adamant that she was going to be the one to carry it in. Blake informed her that he would be the one who got the honor. (Usually, I would chime in that actually I did all the dirty work so I would be the one who got to but I could tell there was already enough competition.) They went back and forth for awhile and finally I told Paisley, "Showing the baby off at church is one of Daddy and I's favorite things - you will get a turn with it but Dad will be carrying it in." To which she burst into tears. She has brought it up a few times but she can't keep her emotions in check about it so I told her she was no longer allowed to discuss it until the baby actually arrives.

*Cosette is more interested in how big my belly has gotten. She comments on it daily and rubs it the most. She desperately wants a girl and will probably be in tears if it is another brother.

*Fielding and I were reading stories yesterday and the baby got the hiccups. I put his hand on my belly and he got a giggling so hard with each bounce of the baby. He said, "Is that really the baby with burps?" He was so into it and it was a cute happy moment. He asks often if today is the day - I keep saying, "I wish it was!" But he is probably the most excited that Grandma Anderson offered to let him come stay at her house for a bit once the baby arrives - he thinks that is the best idea ever!

*Perry rubs my belly and says "Baby!" but really has no idea what that all means. He also has gotten good at sticking out his own tummy and saying, "Baby!" I really am curious to see how he responds to a younger sibling - I am planning for the worst.

Well I let the kids stay up too late coloring chalk and visiting our friends around the corner so I could get this somewhat of a blog written and at least have a few pictures to show. (I haven't even busted out my camera in the last week - gotta make sure the battery stays fully charged for the new baby's arrival.) 

Better wrap it up and tuck them in... Maybe tonight is the night.


Jana Weaver said...

Sure hope you can all enjoy baby snuggles soon!

Jo said...

Fielding confided in me that it is going to hurt you to get that baby out.

AndersonGR8 said...

This kind of goes along with the "are we there yet?" chorus on long trips. All excited in Washington for the big event and the big adventure that follows!

Breeana Bowman said...

Can't wait for the baby's arrival.

HowellAZ said...

Yay for Taylor babies! I wish we lived closer for many reasons - one of which: I would like to be first on Paisley's babysitting list when she gets old enough. :)