How to make a 40 week and 5 day pregnant women instantly burst into tears...

Have the overdue pregnant lady call the hospital 4 hours before her midnight induction to confirm.
Listen in horror as the receptionist says, "No - you aren't scheduled until the 28th at 12am."
Hear pregnant lady throw everything she has at the receptionist:
"I have 4 kids!"
"We have all our childcare set up!"
"The doctor and I went over this 100 times - 12am on the 27th."
Listen to receptionist pull out her usual hospital prattle:
"We aren't sufficiently staffed."
"We already have it here on the schedule."
"I will call your doctor but I can't promise anything."

I just endured the most dramatic ten minutes of this entire pregnancy. I was falling off a cliff and couldn't recover. The girls witnessed it all and joined into the sob-fest, "We WON'T have the baby until Thursday?!?" Which only made everything worse. I couldn't think strait - I had no idea how I would get through the next 24 hours - I became the most non-functioning person on the planet.

In my head, I was writing nasty emails to the hospital on the damages that they were causing and I was writing essays to my OBGYN on how I have shown the courtesy to show up to every appointment on time without a single kid in tow (no small feat) and yet when it really counts he botched this. 

Then my phone rang. Blake had the good sense to talk for me. The receptionist got a hold of my doctor and he pulled through for me and we are back on track for induction in t-minus 3.5 hours. 

HALLELUJAH doesn't even do it justice!

(But first Blake and I are taking advantage of our night nanny and catching the late showing of Avengers because we are cool like that. If we name this child Thor - you will know why.)


Shelby Olson said...

Bring on the baby! Congrats to you and your family! I'm so excited to read more about this little Taylor and hopefully I'll get to meet the newest member while he/she is still a little bundle! My baby fever is starting to kick in and I need a little to hold ;)

HowellAZ said...

Oh my goodness! So glad she made it safe and sound (and beautiful) in to your arms. She is blessed to be in your family! I just loved all the pictures. Congrats on your wonderful family.