"Mom - will you come spin us on the tire swing?" 
It is probably the request I get most often.

Oh the birds... we have 100's of birds in our yard which is lovely except at 5am when they all start singing. But the poor things think the large living room windows provide a strait shot through our house. I have heard/seen at least a dozen birds fly headstrong right into our windows. The bigger ones come up shaken but the smaller ones don't stand a chance. It's the kid's job to collect them off the deck and give them a proper burial, which they enjoy a little too much.

Mixing up the pig food. These two little boys are my shadows - always helping with the chores.

Bathtime is the best.

A strike-out on a geocache but a ditch tunnel to float sticks through and catch them on the other side made up for it. And you will notice Fielding is obsessed with his "suits" at the moment - which makes it always fun to have a Power Ranger to grocery shop with.

A week before Mother's Day, Fielding asked, "When's Mother's Day?" When I told him it would be next Sunday, he said, "K - I am gonna help Dad make you a cake." (They must have talked about this in his church class or something.) I had forgotten about it until he came in for morning snuggles on Mother's Day and said, "Is today Mother's Day?" When I told him it was he replied, "Oh no - I forgot to make your cake." I told him to go ask dad and I bet they could still whip something up and so they did... from scratch. Blake rarely cooks, let alone bakes, so this was pretty monumental.

My other Mother's Day present was Blake vacuumed... way better than flowers!

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HowellAZ said...

I love that sweet story about the cake!