Brothers and Sisters...

They are holding us hostage here at the hospital until this evening so I am just going to have to keep posting...

Grandma Taylor brought the kids over to meet Luna. They were all goofy grins coming in that door.

Here Cosie has just asked, "Where's the baby?" and Fielding and her spotted Luna in the corner.

But we gave Grandma Taylor the first turn for snuggles because after 2 days with all our kids - she's earned it!

Then they each took a turn... or two... or three.

Perry was not a fan - he took one look at her and jumped off of Grandma's lap.

Fielding had been talking for weeks about coming to see me at the hospital and getting a treat. He was quite pleased with his "big sucker."

 At one point, I looked around the room and thought, "Whoa - that is a lot of kids!"

Luna might not ever have a peaceful moment in this crazy little family of ours but at least she will never have to doubt if she was wanted!

I'm guessing even Perry will come around... maybe.

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Starla said...

I love Fielding's smiles...when he is posing for pictures! :) Precious babies! Sure love your sweet family!