Birthday Day...

Paisley and Breeana didn't really have a birthday party - it was more like a birthday day. We started bright and early in the dining room where the birthday shirts, presents, and decorations awaited their waking.

Their sparkly shirts are my favorite ones I have made so far.

Kara and Breeana were in charge of breakfast so we had a crepe feast.

Then cousins did what cousins do and played and played and played. 

The weather was perfect which made the new tire swing (THANK YOU AUNT CHRISTY FOR IT AND GRANDPA ANDERSON FOR RIGGING IT UP!!!) the life of the party!

 We had lunch then went on an awesome treasure hunt - the chest was buried under an X on the ground which made for some excitement!

Then everyone was filthy so we filled up the kiddo pool which resulted in a crazy water fight but it got everyone rinsed off and cleaned up so we could head to the church for the baptism. After the baptism, we had Cafe Rio style salads for dinner (Paisley's choice) back home. Then finally let the girls open their loot.

I was over cooking at this point so I was ready to just shove some candles into a bowl of ice cream and call it good, but Blake was pushing for chocolate cake so with Kara's help and leftover crepe filling we pulled off this last-minute beauty and it was completely devoured in minutes.

We finished the night with geocaching, night games, and a barn raising (the dad's helped Blake get his roof on his coop). We were all exhausted by nightfall (especially the pregnant lady) and eventually got the house quiet so we could all get some much needed sleep. 

It was a wild-rumpus of a day and I hope these two sweet girls felt the love!
Happy Birthday!!!


AndersonGR8 said...

Thanks for a great weekend! It was a treat and all of us were still in a little recovery mode on the way home to Vancouver. We love the opportunities to gather for these great events and opportunities to catch up with the Idaho connection kids.

HowellAZ said...

Wow! That is going to be a birthday party for the history books! SO MUCH FUN!