A few of my fundamental beliefs...

*I believe in pre-dinnertime walks.
*I believe in hosting parties for the lesser holidays.
*I believe in home videos.
*I believe in listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir while getting ready for church.
*I believe in limiting naps to ensure my child passes out the second their head hits the pillow at night.
*I believe in to-do lists.
*I believe in layered chocolate cake.
*I believe in throw pillows but limit them due to my husband's detest of them.
*I believe in taking a book into a long hot bath.
*I believe in the unlimited powers of a gallon of paint.
*I believe in holding hands.
*I believe in full-fat dairy.
*I believe in empty kitchen sinks.
*I believe in writing on steamy mirrors.
*I believe in two-ply TP.
*I believe in listening to silence when I occasionally find myself alone in the car.
*I believe in Kirkland Signature diapers.
*I believe in pre-shrunk clothing.
*I believe in pineapple on hamburgers.
*I believe in non-stick cookware.
*I believe in freezing cold milk.
*I believe in written thank you's.
*I believe in insanely complicated boardgames.
*I believe in dog-earing paperbacks.
*I believe in practical cars.
*I believe in boxed brownie mixes.
*I believe in the great outdoors.
*I believe in white slip-covered couches and the second I hit empty-nester status it will be my first purchase.
*I believe in Lysol wipes.
*I believe in $8 boxes of hair color.
*I believe in not answering my phone because I never remember to turn my ringer on.


Jo said...

Don't stop believin'! I believe you really will have a baby in a few days! I believe that I am quite excited about it!

Breeana Bowman said...

I like that you believe so much never stop believing

Micah Taylor said...

Yes. This is great. You are great. I feel the same (I think on everything! even the throw-pillows and husband detesting them!)

Britt said...

Dog ear-ring book pages definitely ain't no crime if you ask me!

HowellAZ said...

When you have a free minute (haha), search Youtube for the "I believe speech" from the t.v. show Psych. There's a bad word (fair warning), but I thought you'd get a giggle out of it. I enjoyed this post. You have such creativity!