Man of the house...

It's all fun and games moving onto a "farm" until you get your irrigation schedule and you realize your turn for water is 10pm to 5am. We blame it on being the new kids on the block and hope that we move up in seniority quickly over the next few years. We had our first night of watering on Monday and here is how it went down. 

Well - first let me start with Sunday... just to paint a better picture.

Sunday evening, Blake and I came down with a stomach bug at exactly the same moment. His festered all night long while mine brought on crazy false labor that kept me up the entire night. Very early Monday morning, Blake set off for a run while I lay in my second bath of the night trying to find some relief. His run was a total fail and he called in sick for the day since both him and I were pretty spent. We muddled through the morning but by afternoon got some energy back and went to town on our chicken coop and planting the garden. It was Family Home Evening, so in honor of Paisley's upcoming birthday, took all the kiddos out to ice cream. We finally get them in bed (late), nailed up the last side of the chicken coop, and took a walk through the yard to review how exactly we were supposed to run the irrigation.

The thing is we have 7 different gates that need to be opened and closed in various locations of our yard at different timed intervals. The previous owner gave us a brief run-through of how it all happens but also mentioned the words "learning curve" and "you'll figure out the science behind it" in her speech. We just weren't betting on learning it at 3 in the morning.

So 10pm hits and Blake and I drop the first two gates like the lady instructs. He heads off to put the chicken box on stilts in case the cellar floods (we were warned this happens) and I head off to finally get some sleep after Sunday's night of not-sleeping. I am brushing my teeth when I hear knocking, assuming it is Blake locked out, I start opening various doors (we have lots). Finally, I realize it is my front door where the repeated banging is coming from. I open it with my toothbrush and lots of built up foam hanging my mouth fully expecting Blake. 

It wasn't Blake.

It was our ditch-master.

He cuts right to the chase:

"Is your mom here?"
"I am the mom." 
"You have a flood."
"Yea - I know. We are flooding our lawn."
"But it is just flowing over your driveway. You are WASTING OUR WATER."
"The lady before us said it does that."
"I have been doing this for 29 years, it does not do that."
"Ummmm - k."
"I will open your gates and send the water on it's way if you are just going to waste it."
"No. We want the water."
"Is the man of the house home?"

Did he really just say that?!? 

But it is late and I have toothpaste running down my face and Blake is the one that is going to be dealing with this all night... 

"Yes! Let me go get him!"

The rest of the night was a total adventure... for Blake. I was sleeping. Occasionally I would hear the alarm that was going off every 2 hours or notice the fully-clothed man with the head-lamp still attached to his forehead snoring beside me but other than that I let the man of the house take care of it.

But if it is any consolation to Blake, in 3 shorts weeks I will have a baby that needs to be watered every single night - where the grass only has to be watered every 10 days. 


AndersonGR8 said...

We need a life on the mini-farm comic strip - it would have to do well. Looking forward to a trip to the farm coming up on Friday...

HowellAZ said...

"is your mom here?" Bahahaha! That's hilarious! But I'm not laughing at the situation. It's no laughing matter.

HowellAZ said...

Oh, and can I just say, I don't know anyone else who goes for a run, puts up a chicken coop and plants a garden after being up with a stomach bug all night. You two are beyond amazing!