Good Friday...

I think I have an unhealthy attachment to Fridays. I am SOOOOOOOOO glad it is Friday! Forget Good Friday today is Totally the Greatest Friday Ever! And here is why:

*Hot date with my hubby in 2.5 hours - can't hardly wait. We are going to the feed supply store but still no kids and the man of my dreams makes even 50lb bags of oats amazing.

*Gearing up to listen to General Conference (or at least rereading it later to catch all the parts that I missed due to the dull roar of my children in the background).

*CREPES will be eaten this weekend!!!

*I got a sneak peek at what the Easter Bunny is bringing to town and the kids are going to be ecstatic!

*Tomorrow I get to go on a special mommy/daughter date with my oldest. One-on-one time with a child is a rare commodity around here.

I hope your Friday is shaping up to be just as great!

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