Wednesdays are LONG around here - Blake heads out the door before 8am and I don't see him again until after 8pm. So the kids and I have been on the hunt for some cheap entertainment while he is away. We tried the playplace but my kids eat way too much food these days to do it cheaply. We tried thrift stores but Perry is a runner and I was worried that they were going to hand out my picture to employees and instruct them not to let me enter if I had more than one kid with me. We tried staying home but I've never been very good at that.

So we have taken up geocaching and here are 5 reasons why it is awesome:
1) Gets us out and about in nature.
2) Besides minimal gas costs it is completely free.
3) Smartphones make it so much easier than when Blake and I first tried 10 years ago with a handheld GPS and wonky instructions off the internet.
4) My kids love treasure hunts and that is all this is.
5) All our little junk toys get put into the cache for the next finder to enjoy.

We've found 15 caches now (all within 3 miles of our house) and it has provided hours of entertainment and lots of free treasures. 

Tonight we hit the mother-load and found this jumbo cache:

The kids were so excited!!!

A great way to entertain the kiddos! Just sign up at geocaching.com (I am not a member - I just use the free version), download the app, and bam - hours and hours of fun!


HowellAZ said...

That's so cool! Thanks for sharing!

Jennette Taylor said...

We love doing this!