Fun Run...

Blake's work hosted a 5k and kid's run on Saturday. So we made it a family affair and all put on our running shoes.

Blake was crazy fast in the 5k (got 2nd overall) so the kids and I missed cheering for him at the finish since I thought we had another minute or so before we needed to head over.

Then we all ran the kid's mile - and by run this is what I mean:
Blake forced Paisley to run to the point of tears (this is how most runs work with her).
Cosette started with me and the boys but took off and ran her little heart out all by herself (it was impressive).
Fielding ran very crookedly (much to the dismay of the people around him) in spurts of high energy with a few rides to rest in the stroller.
Perry rode in the very non-jogging stroller as his very pregnant mama pushed (it wasn't a pretty sight).

The kids scored ribbons, hats, balloons, chap-stick, and a dozen granola bars each - which they thought was totally great! Nothing like some good ol' race swag to make for a fun family morning.

But the most impressive moment of all was that Blake turned down a free t-shirt from the local hospital. This is HUGE, people - HUGE!!!

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HowellAZ said...

Hahaha! No free t-shirt? A historical moment, indeed. Sounds like a good, fun, running kind of day. Love the pictures of the kids in their Easter clothes. So cute!