I read Jim Gaffigan's Dad is Fat recently. It was laugh-out-loud funny and oh so relatable - the two things I planned on it being. The one thing I didn't plan on it being was profound and although most of it would not fall into that category - there was one line that has stuck with me, "Parenthood is like witnessing the destruction of Pompeii and the majesty of Michelango's David all in the same day." (I am paraphrasing because I can't find the exact quote now.) 

Is that not the truth?!?

Parenthood is chaotic, messy, and loud. There are moments when my head screams, "What on earth have you done to yourself by having all these kids?!?" 

But for every one of these times of crisis there are also beautiful, glorious, and awe-inspiring moments.  There are moments when my heart whispers, "This is what you have been given time for."

Here are a few of our David moments from the week:

Paisley working hard to keep the boys entertained while I frantically put together dinner. She is a fantastic big sister and helps me out every single day.

Cosette made Paisley, Fielding, and herself out of potato heads - she is my one child that can self-direct into an activity and get lost in it for hours. I love this ability she possesses and know it will take her far in life.

 Fielding showing off our new fence. We call it the "Perry-trap."  I look forward to less stressful outside time with the boys.

 Blake's grow-light is in full swing. Seeds sprouting always feel miraculous to me.

Paisley and I did her baptism photos at the temple and then went out to ice cream afterwards. It was a place that freezes the cream with liquid nitrogen while you watch. It had a big WOW factor for her!

If there is food prep going on then you can bet these two are either sitting on the counter or hanging out underneath my feet. I love it and hate it at the same time.

Nothing like reaching for your pin cushion to find it looking so cute. This was Paisley's doing during Spring Break - why I am a big believer in letting your kids get bored - they will eventually find something to keep them occupied.


Jo said...

You have great kids. They have great parents. I have wonderful children (in-laws definitely included) and wonderful grandchildren. Aren't we blessed?

Britt said...

I loved that book so much. I wish I'd bought a copy to highlight instead of checking it out from the library.

HowellAZ said...

Did you say 8 years old? NOT possible! I loved all the pics of kids and especially those little chicks! Looks like you had a great Easter!

AndersonGR8 said...

Fun pictures with those fun kids. Sounds like all are thriving on the farm. do I need to bring my own rubber boots when I come or do you have some spares laying around...