Animal update...

The pigs are getting fat and stinky. They live for food and go crazy when we come out hauling buckets. We had the lovely experience of deworming them, which raises my pig-farming legitimacy at least 10 points. I don't know if I will ever be the same. 

Blake built this awesome feeding trough but they still manage to get half the feed poured on their heads - they are just too impatient. They are enjoying all the weeding that is going on in the yard at the moment and the tasty greens that get thrown their way.

The chicks have reached that awkward stage of their adolescence. I find them quite entertaining as they walk around stretching their necks and flapping their wings.

We are on our 4th chick box as they keep outgrowing them - the picture doesn't do the hugeness of this last one that I built justice. Blake is hoping to get to work on their coop this weekend as we will be needing it shortly.

The rest of the animals, I mean kids, are doing great. They are loving all the time we are spending outside and the boys have been on a two-a-day bath schedule as they always come in filthy. Life on the farm is pretty sweet, the only thing that could make it better would be if we had a goat to eat all these weeds.

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Micah Taylor said...

James would love it there -- he loves being outside and playing in the mud and playing with your kids, so we need to come play!!