Our week...

Things of note this week:

*Fielding fell asleep at the table - our kids rarely fall asleep in weird positions so I kind of love it when they do.

*The pigs escaped. They lifted the gate right off of it's hinges and a wild hog chase took place. Unfortunately the boys and I were gone so we missed the round-up - there was even a rope involved!

*Perry took a trip to the ER. He lacerated the top of his ear by hitting it on the corner of our train table - I thought he needed stitches, the urgent care PA thought he needed stitches, but the ER doctor said it would heal on it's own. Which is totally fine with me but the four hours it took to learn this information were totally exhausting (and was what caused me to miss The Running of the Pigs).

*The girls competed at a gymnastics meet.

*We had a Pi party.

*The kids saved the world!

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AndersonGR8 said...

Dang - awesome events I missed out on again. Well ... except for that little piggy rodeo.